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Wear It Wednesday: Suspender Pants?

How 90s fab are these? Fresh off writing my Throwback Thursday post last week dedicated to 90s fashion I stumbled across these cuties in a little discount clothing store. It was love at first sight! I called these things suspender pants, but I’m not quite sure about that moniker. They’re not quite overalls since there’s no bib portion, and I don’t really consider them a jumpsuit since I HAVE to wear a shirt under them. A quick search on Amazon brought up some very similar items with a multitude of names: overalls, romper, jumpsuit and my favorite … suspender pants.

They are super comfy. I can easily style them for work and then change to a crop top for drinks, girls night or dinner. The straps are adjustable, so they work for my long body and can easily be shortened for those vertically challenged ladies. Oh and in case you missed it in the photos….THEY HAVE POCKETS!

While you might not be able to score these for the same awesome price I did you can certainly find some afforable options on Amazon here, here and here.

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