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Sometimes I think I could live in a mansion and not have enough room. Like most of the rest of us, I do not live in a mansion, so I get faced with the good old problem of trying to organize my crap in a small space. I have become quite adept at it, but recently I realized I need to figure out some other options. So off to Pinterest and Amazon I went.

Sewing Patterns
I have all of these awkwardly shaped pieces of paper that need to stay organized and easily accessible. Right now they are all in one big expanding file (like this). If I only had a few patterns this would be great, but I’ve simply outgrown it, and when I have to find a pattern I have to pull out everything until I find it. Definitely not ideal! So I came across these:

These are supposed to arrive today, and I think they will be perfect. I can put all the pattern pieces for each pattern in its own envelope with an image/label of what the pattern is. This will be so much quicker and easier than going through every pattern to find the one I am looking for.

Of course, the envelopes will need their own little home and I think this will nifty little wire basket will be awesome! Pretty and functional – SOLD!

Small Fabric and the Weird Closet
I have this weird closet that wasn’t really supposed to be a closet…well it was but it was put in after the fact so it’s shaped weird. It’s not deep enough to actually hang clothing in it and close the door, so I decided to use it for craft storage. It still turned out to be awkward though. I couldn’t slide Rubbermaid containers or drawers in there because of the depth, and I didn’t want to just stack boxes because then I would have to move boxes all the time. I finally decided that these hanging closet organizers would be the perfect way to store smaller pieces of fabric.

I simply fold the pieces of fabric and neatly stack them in the cubbies. I can organize them by color or fabric type. I was actually able to squeeze three of these in the weird closet.

That’s about as far as I have made it. I am still in the process of organizing, purging and trying to get ready for Arts in the Heart, which is a project in and of itself. I should probably bust out the dry erase board and make my to-do list for everything that needs to be completed between now and then. I have clothes to make, jewelry to finish, metal to stamp, displays to finish….the list goes on.

Do you have some awesome organization hacks, or ways to really move through a to-do list? Let’s hear them! I open to all ideas, motivation and inspiration.