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Work in Progress Wednesday: Jewelry Displays

Designing and making my handmade goodness is not the end of my creativity, I also make most of my displays. Good displays are super important, you can have gorgeous creations, but if your displays don’t properly show them off then you’re losing half the battle. My ideal jewelry display is a piece that is not only attractive but also doubles as storage. I despise getting to an event and having to waste time putting each individual piece of jewelry out – and even worse – having to untangle necklaces. I was inspired by this frame idea last year:

I love that the necklaces can hang freely and when doing an outdoor event they can sparkle in the sunlight. After a thrift store trip, some paint, eye hooks, and chain I came up with this:

Old Frame display

This was a pretty large frame so I was able to display both my long necklaces and chokers. Unfortunately, my frame vanished. Since then I’ve been trying out different display methods, but I haven’t been totally happy with any of them, so I decided to revisit this idea, but make it better. This time I am going for something more like the inspiration – a gallery wall of frames that hangs from my tent. Here’s a peek!

Each frame is getting a couple of coats of black chalkboard paint (can be found here) and little clippies (can be found here) attached to it. I opted for the clippies because I didn’t want the necklaces falling off of cup hooks during transport. The chalkboard paint will allow me to write prices, sales, important info, etc. around the edge of the frame. I still have to find a couple of larger frames for my longer necklaces. Then I get to play adult Tetris and plan out how my “gallery wall” will fit together and hang.

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