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What Day Is It?

You know those days where you really don’t know what day it is? Yeah…I realized this morning that I had one of those yesterday when I posted my Throwback Thursday post on Wednesday. It literally took me an entire day to figure out my mistake. In my defense I was buried in social media marketing research, ideas and planning.

Raise your hand if you’re a procrastinator?
I’ll wait…
I know you’re out there…
taking your time to raise your hand…
because, after all, you’re a procrastinator!

That’s me big time! I am a horrible procrastinator and I’ve been working on getting a handle on it starting with my social media marketing (SMM). SMM is a total necessary evil for me. I know it’s the best form of free advertising out there, but staying on top of it and posting regularly always gets pushed to the back burner. Not anymore though. I have been researching content calendars, post ideas, hashtags and so much more.


All of the information has been helpful and overwhelming. I think it all jumbled around in my head and led to my confusion on what day it was yesterday. I have managed to wrap my mind around my plan of attack, but there are still some gaps to fill, and I am always open to hearing from others… so what say you?

What social media strategies do you use?
What kind of posts do you like?
What annoys you?
How do you stay organized?

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