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The Mill Collection

Each piece of handcrafted fashion in The Mill Collection is created with fabric with a bit of history…
Just a short drive across the Savannah River in South Carolina is a little spot in Aiken County called Horse Creek Valley, more commonly known today as Midland Valley. This section of the county once served as a cradle of South Carolina textile mills, legends, old families, and hard-working folks. 

Horse Creek flows through the valley and enters the Savannah River two miles downstream of downtown Augusta, Georgia. The water that once attracted the Westos and Chickasaw Indians, eventually led to the creation of numerous textiles mills in the area in the early to mid 1800’s. The textile industries suffered the effects of the boll weevil (1920) and the Great Depression (1930) and never fully recovered. The last textile mill closed its doors in 2006.

Today, if you talk to anyone that is from this area they either know someone that worked in one of the mills, or depending on age, they worked there their self. Lucky for me… I know people! All of this vintage fabric was hiding in storage and I was ecstatic to get a hold of it. Most of the fabric was still quite stiff, and not suitable for clothing, so I began by letting all of it soak for a couple of days in an all-natural solution to help soften up the fibers. Each batch of fabric was then washed with vinegar and tons of fabric softener to eliminate any potential lingering odors and help the softening process. After a trip through the dryer I began inspecting all of the fabric for holes, flaws and discolorations. Once that was done the fun began – pattern mixing, matching fabrics, cutting, designing and sewing!

There’s plenty more fabric and designs to come, so if you see something you like and want it in a different size, or color palette I can definitely make that happen.

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